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Your First Song - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary had a Little Lamb is a very easy song. You'll only need to remember how to play four notes: G, E, D and C. That's it. What may be a little harder is the order you play them. You don't always want to play a song while looking at the music. At the end of this lesson, you'll be told to play Mary had a Little Lamb without looking at the music. Therefore, try to memorize the music and please do play the song more than once. With no further delays, here it is:

Mary Had A Little Lamb

E    D    C    D    E    E    E

D    D    D    E    G    G

E    D    C    D    E    E    E

D    D    E    D    C

You may be wondering what the little squiggly line and the little block at the end of the eighth measure stands for. Those are rests. Rests are quite simply, places where you don't play anything. You'll learn more about rests in a latter lesson. For now, just ignore them, since they'll always be at the end of the song to complete a measure. Let's try Mary had a Little Lamb on the higher octave. Click "Next".

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